Symbiote Shooting Puzzle
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Symbiote Shooting Puzzle

by The Nom - Web of Shadows

Swing, shoot, and splat your way through enemies with Symbiote Hero!

App NameSymbiote Shooting Puzzle
DeveloperThe Nom - Web of Shadows
Download Size85 MB
Latest Version1.3.0
Average Rating4.80
Rating Count1,860
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Screenshot Symbiote Shooting Puzzle
Screenshot Symbiote Shooting Puzzle
Screenshot Symbiote Shooting Puzzle
Screenshot Symbiote Shooting Puzzle
Symbiote is a puzzle shooter game where players must use their noggins and quick reflexes to defeat enemies and solve challenging puzzles. Playing as a Symbiote Hero in Symbiote Shooting Puzzle, you're equipped with the Symbiote's trusty shooting ability, allowing you to shoot symbiote tentacles and teleport to any location you've marked. Use your shooting skills strategically to move across the map, avoid obstacles, dodge enemy attacks various enemies and bosses.

Symbiote Shooting Puzzle is a game puzzle action that will challenge your reflexes, creativity, and logic. Use Symbiote tentacles strategically to solve challenges and reach new areas. Be careful because Symbiote will face hundreds of levels with different puzzles and enemy attacks. The enemies in this world are not to be trifled with. They will attack you with everything they have, so Symbiote needs to use shooting skills to dodge enemies' strikes and defeat evil enemies before they harm you. Symbiote needs to be quick on his feet and strategic in his movements if you hope to make it to the end of each level.

As Symbiote’s superpowers progress through the game, you’ll unlock new Symbiote powers and skins to customize your hero, giving you more options and fun.

Symbiote highlight features:
🩸 Stunning mini craft pixel graphics, smooth animations, and realistic sound
🩸 Fast-paced action with addictive puzzle gameplay
🩸 Dozens of Symbotie's skins to unlock
🩸 Challenging levels filled with tons of obstacles and enemies

Can you master your shooting skills and become the ultimate Symbiote Hero? Only time will tell! Download SymbIote Shooting Puzzle now and experience the thrill of being a Symbiote Hero!

Recent changes:
-bug fixes

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