The Family Tree of Family
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The Family Tree of Family

by Dmitriy Konyuhov

The program is intended construction of a family tree of a family

App NameThe Family Tree of Family
DeveloperDmitriy Konyuhov
Download Size6 MB
Latest Version3.0.2
Average Rating3.12
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Screenshot The Family Tree of Family
Screenshot The Family Tree of Family
Screenshot The Family Tree of Family
Screenshot The Family Tree of Family
Guardian angels are the ancestors that we know about. Therefore, the more we know our ancestors, the more guardian angels we have.

The application is designed specifically for storing the historical heritage of a family; it is a convenient and multifunctional tool for preserving valuable memories and information about ancestors. It allows you to create a detailed list of people related by family ties, and provides the ability to add photos, copies of documents and videos associated with each family member.

Genealogical information is displayed in tree, branch and pie charts. An important feature of the application is its ability to draw tree diagrams on graphical and hypertext canvases. This gives users the ability to visualize their family line and clearly visualize connections and family dynamics.

Additionally, the app allows you to save photos and videos related to your family heritage so they can be easily accessed at any time. This is especially useful for preserving valuable visual materials that might otherwise be at risk of loss or damage.

Another function of the application is to display a calendar of family events. This allows you to visually track and organize important dates and events related to your family. In this way, users can see, for example, birthdays, weddings or anniversaries of important events in a dedicated area of the application, making planning much easier and clearly demonstrating historical events.

The application was created to help families preserve their historical heritage and organize information about their ancestors. With storage, visualization and organization capabilities, it offers a simple and effective way to memorialize and pass on valuable historical facts and memories to future generations.

Additional information about the operation of the application in Android versions.
Android 10 and below.
The information entered by the user is stored in the FamilyTree directory in the internal memory of the device (in Settings you can specify a different folder, for example, on an SD card).
To make copies or transfer information to another device, simply copy the FamilyTree folder. On the new device, specify the path to it in Settings.
Android 11 and higher.
The information entered by the user is stored in the application's internal directory in the FamilyTree directory in the device's internal memory in accordance with new requirements and Google's security policy.

It is important to make prompt copies of your information.
The application uses the GEDCOM file to exchange information. The GEDCOM file allows you to transmit text information about people and their icons.
To copy all information, it is better to use ZIP archiving. The FamilyTree folder with photographs, copies of documents and video materials is in the archive.
The public folder for sharing files is the Download folder.
Data export.
In the settings you must select the data type GEDCOM or ZIP. The application will create a data archive file, respectively, familytree.ged or in the downloads directory.
To download information from the Download catalog, you can use a PC connection via USB or the application's cloud services.
Import data.
In the download directory, you need to download GEDCOM or ZIP files through Google Drive and Dropbox cloud services using the application or via USB from PC. You can also send yourself an email with attached files and save them in the Download folder.
In the settings, you must select the data type “Export GEDCOM” or “Extract ZIP”. The application imports the data.

Recent changes:
- optimization of the program code has been done

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