Tipsy Hamster
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Tipsy Hamster

by Addison Dumke

Go for the high score in this tricky, yet addicting arcade experience!

App NameTipsy Hamster
DeveloperAddison Dumke
Download Size9 MB
Latest Version1.03
Average Rating5.00
Rating Count38
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Screenshot Tipsy Hamster
Screenshot Tipsy Hamster
Screenshot Tipsy Hamster
Screenshot Tipsy Hamster
Little hamster, big adventure!

While running in his hamster wheel one day, the unexpected happens! Join our hero T. C. Ham in a journey he'll not soon forget. Rush around this breathtaking world through the eyes of a hamster on an unending journey. Find yourself getting lost in the entrancing music while frustratingly going for that next point to become the tipsiest person around.

Tilt your device from left to right to move the hamster and hit the platforms for points. Strategically tap the screen for a quick smash downward.


•Simple gameplay with added finesse for more serious players.

•Bummed that you missed a platform? Enjoy 4 different ways the hamster meets his maker when you lose!

•Earn in game trophies by getting high scores. Prove to your friends who can get the tipsiest!

•Revolutionary new business model: Get all of the game at once! No need to purchase add-ons or DLC.

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Twitter: (@TipsyHamsterApp)

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