Worm Race - Snake Game
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Worm Race - Snake Game

by ZeroMaze

Join the worm game fight to become the biggest snake in worms zone!

App NameWorm Race - Snake Game
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Screenshot Worm Race - Snake Game
Screenshot Worm Race - Snake Game
Screenshot Worm Race - Snake Game
Screenshot Worm Race - Snake Game
Are you a fan of arcade games that offer thrilling action and dynamic gameplay? Worm Race is a snake game to become the largest worm and dominate the snake arena.Playing against other worms in a big multiplayer snake arena, you have to eat as much food as possible to grow bigger in this non-stop action games. Worm your way towards the power-ups to get an edge. This snake game is addictive!

Snake game is survival of the fittest.You're a worm, and you must eat and grow to be big and strong in this awesome arcade games. Who knew being a worm could be so much fun? Collect yummies and different powerups, defeat enemies, and become the biggest worm in the worms zone!

How to play Snake game?
🐍You will start as a little slithering snakeling, and you must eat everything you can while avoiding being eaten yourself. Gobble up everything including leftovers of other snakes to be the biggest!
🐍You die if your head bumps against another snake, so make sure you never touch another snake head-first - try to make them hit you instead. You can use a boost to quickly move in front of other snakes to do that.
🐍Don't forget to visit the Shop where you can unlock many awesome snake and background skins, and even create your own!

Unique Worm Game Features:
🐍Worm Outfits: Pick an outfit fitting for the common worm. As you level up in the worm game, you can treat your worm to funkier and more colorful designs. Head over to the worm's wardrobe to pick a fresh new outfit.

🐍Power-ups: Keep your eye out for power-ups scattered around the snake arena. There are many types of power-up in worms zone to help you win the worm game battle.

If you're looking for action role-playing games with a new action & arcade twist, then Worm Race is the action game for you. So, do you have the appetite it takes to rule the arcade and reach the top of the worm game leaderboard in Snake Race? Try our snake game and find out!

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