YOYO Doll School life Dress up
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YOYO Doll School life Dress up

by YoYo Dress Up Games

Dress up & create your Yoya Doll characters and simulate school life in anime!

App NameYOYO Doll School life Dress up
DeveloperYoYo Dress Up Games
Download Size151 MB
Latest Version1.7.3
Average Rating4.35
Rating Count32,576
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Screenshot YOYO Doll School life Dress up
Screenshot YOYO Doll School life Dress up
Screenshot YOYO Doll School life Dress up
Screenshot YOYO Doll School life Dress up
✨Do you like to play with YOYO Doll-Dress up Games? We specially launch YOYO Doll School life.

✨Here, you can dress up every day, choose fashionable clothes with various styles and colors, multi-level simulation experience, and enjoy wonderful school life and campus life! Come and become YOYO and let me simulate and experience the beautiful life and campus life of YOYO!

✨Players can create a variety of cute characters through personalized clothing matching. The character of each character is under your control. It is your personal super fashion avatar creator & self emoji maker. With the campus scene, you can explore more content on the school life and start a more happy campus story life.

❤️【Game Features】❤️
◾ According to your needs, choose to dress up boys or girls!
◾ Fresh game screen, rich and interesting gameplay!
◾ Classic two-dimensional campus world dress-up game, a variety of character modeling styles are up to you!
◾ Explore different cute campus scenes and feel the fun open gameplay!
◾ Unleash your imagination and creativity, DIY your own campus plot, and become a talented writer to shine in the audience!

◾ Show your life on campus, express your mood and status.
◾ To go to different scenes, you need to change into suitable cute clothes, teachers wear school uniforms, playgrounds wear sports clothes, etc.
◾ Diversified game scenes, classrooms, playgrounds, gymnasiums, libraries, music rooms, everything, just enjoy!
◾ Make cute friends and talk through simulations, ride your bike around campus life!
◾ Create and simulate various life and campus life scenarios according to your own fashion preferences and ideas, let your imagination play! Come and download and play!

💜【Contact Us】💜
– FB Group:https://www.facebook.com/groups/152003920448574
– Email:[email protected]
– Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yoyo__doll/
– TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@yoyodoll_official
– Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSAAS6shg37jLQGd4GhqvAA

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Welcome to YOYO's school life, come and experience the beautiful campus life!

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