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Anomaly Content Record

by TeaGames!

Welcome to the world of Anomaly Content Warning!

App NameAnomaly Content Record
Download Size120 MB
Latest Version1.8.61
Average Rating3.60
Rating Count113
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Screenshot Anomaly Content Record
Screenshot Anomaly Content Record
Screenshot Anomaly Content Record
Screenshot Anomaly Content Record
In this gripping game, you'll step into the shoes of bloggers hungry for views in a peculiar world full of dangers and monsters. Forget about cute kittens and sunny beaches - here, you'll encounter ruins inhabited by bloodthirsty creatures.

Your mission is to grab a camera and embark on capturing the most terrifying and horrifying events. Approach the monsters, capture the demise of your companions, film deadly traps, sprint through corridors while keeping an eye on the approaching danger. Become a true hero of horror!

But be cautious: your camera can only record 1.5 minutes of footage. Choose carefully what moments to capture, as each one could be crucial in your pursuit of views and survival.

Are you ready to become part of Anomaly Content Warning and document the scariest moments of this world?

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Release version 1.8.61:
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