Backwoods: Survival Horror
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Backwoods: Survival Horror

by WetBox Squad

Like horror games and scary games? Survive creepy adventure in our action horror

App NameBackwoods: Survival Horror
DeveloperWetBox Squad
Download Size151 MB
Latest Version1.4
Average Rating3.89
Rating Count2,661
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Screenshot Backwoods: Survival Horror
Screenshot Backwoods: Survival Horror
Screenshot Backwoods: Survival Horror
Screenshot Backwoods: Survival Horror
Are you ready to play the new scariest horror game in a silent village? Fight the darkness in one of the best action horror games of 2022!

In this scary game you will find yourself in an abandoned village and among the abandoned cities. You have to unravel a terrible, mysterious story. You will find many monsters, weapons and frightening characters. It will be a scary adventure!

Test yourself in battles with terrible creatures. Find out what secrets the terrible village hides. Can you survive and get out of this dark world?

Gather resources with the laser. You can mine wood, stone and other resources. In a special railway workbench, you can craft new resources. Use the workbench to craft boards and other more compound resources.

In this horror shooter you can use different weapons to fight scary monsters. Shoot with a pistol or shoot with a shotgun? The choice is yours! This horror is for those who like to shoot a lot and want to feel real survival in the village and horror in a silent city!

In this scary first person game, you can earn a lot of money and buy new weapons, ammo, upgrade your weapons and much more. All you need to do is shoot monsters a lot, earn a lot and improve!

If you like action games, horror games, first person shooters and other horror games. Then you should definitely play our horror offline game! It is for those who love science fiction and horror movies!

First Person Action Horror Game Features:
- Perhaps this is the most unusual first person horror in 2022!
- The gloomy atmosphere of the silent village!
- Excellent graphics
- Soundtrack in the spirit of the best horror films!
- Shooting, collecting resources and crafting! And all this in one horror game!

Download offline horror is easy! Play our scary horror game and don't forget that this is a survival horror and scary action game for the bravest! Darkness is waiting for you in the scary village simulator!

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