Kuzbass: Horror Story Game
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Kuzbass: Horror Story Game

by WetBox Squad

Kuzbass is a scary adventure horror game with a story and puzzles.

App NameKuzbass: Horror Story Game
DeveloperWetBox Squad
Download Size145 MB
Latest Version1.0
Average Rating4.42
Rating Count11,748
Google PlayDownload
AppBrainDownload Kuzbass: Horror Story Game Android app
Screenshot Kuzbass: Horror Story Game
Screenshot Kuzbass: Horror Story Game
Screenshot Kuzbass: Horror Story Game
Screenshot Kuzbass: Horror Story Game
Top horror game with interesting story that make you afraid to get out of bed at night.
Play scary hide and seek with the crazy granny, where the reward will be survival and the opportunity to learn the secret of the village.

Slavik and his family come to an evil place - an abandoned village, for the funeral of his grandma.
It soon becomes clear that everything around is not what it seems. There are almost no people left in the village, and those that are - inspire horror with their very appearance.
Can you solve the mysteries of this place and defeat evil? Or maybe you want to get superhuman power by sacrificing your loved ones? The choice is yours!

All dialogues in the game are voiced by actors.
Solve puzzles in atmospheric and creepy locations of an abandoned city.
Feel your heart begin to beat faster as you hear the sound of the thing approaching.
Explore an evil residence in the village, listen to the creepy stories of the inhabitants, hide from monsters and find a way to escape!
Gain strength to fight the witch and find out her dark secret.

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