Bike Stunt Game: Tricks Master
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Bike Stunt Game: Tricks Master

by The Knights Pvt Ltd

Dive into stunt driving missions & dominate in motorcycle game on amazing tracks

App NameBike Stunt Game: Tricks Master
DeveloperThe Knights Pvt Ltd
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Rating Count257,592
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Screenshot Bike Stunt Game: Tricks Master
Screenshot Bike Stunt Game: Tricks Master
Screenshot Bike Stunt Game: Tricks Master
Screenshot Bike Stunt Game: Tricks Master
Ready to face challenges and master every stunt? Conquer every ramp. Every ride is a thrilling climax!

Award-Winning Bike Game with 250+ Million Downloads!🏆

Meet Lee, the daring stunt maestro ready to conquer the world of stunt driving. With his exceptional biking skills, Lee won't rest until he dominates every tricky ramp and performs a set of mind-blowing action stunts in this thrilling motorcycle game. Rise into the world of stunt biking, enhancing your mobile gaming experience with Lee's high-flying skills. The ride of a lifetime awaits!

Explore every mode - breathtaking visuals, cool biking. Experience the roaring engine power of bikes in this motorcycle game.

QUALIFYING: Dominate stunts, win stars, rule the stunt bike game! Achieve the fastest time ⏱️.
SKY: Touch the sky with high-flying ramps and sky-sketcher stunts 🌈.
STONEHENGE: Overcome stony challenges with thrilling bike stunts! 🗿
ISLAND: Explore the landscape beauty with aerial stunts! 🏝️

Ride through neon trails, each level packed with electrifying challenges and brilliant visuals!

Pop balloons with a tricked-out bike, earn stars, and enjoy the party!

Smash fruits, score high! Sensational biking challenge with juicy tracks.

Reach new heights, relish the free-fall landing by timely deploying your parachute.

GO for a multiplayer bike stunt challenge race against players on exciting ramps.

Accept the challenge! Keep balance, maneuver obstacles, & clear each exciting mission.

How to Play in Bike Stunt Game:

✧ Press the racing button to speed up. Hold longer for faster motorbike racing. 🏁
✧ Apply the brake button during sharp turns or obstacles to slow down. 🛑
✧ Perform stylish front and back flips in mid-air for an extra thrill. ↩️↪️
✧ Jump over the crushing hurdles, & execute aerial stunt driving skills with your stunt bike. ⏫

Ready to master stunts? Bike game awaits! Race to victory on two wheels.

👉🏻[Game Key Features]👈🏻

Stunting is a breeze - grab your bike, hit the ramps, perform epic tricks, and do it all over again!
Play anytime, anywhere offline or online with stunt bikes, endless thrills.
Perform these stunts to get a license of top biker
Lifting the rear wheel off the ground.
Lifting the front wheel off the ground.
✪Back Flip:
Performing a skyward spin.
✪Front Flip:
Forward bike rotation dominates air elegance.
✪360 Spin:
Full rotation in mid-air
✪Spring Bounce:
Bouncing on springs, executing perfect landing.

🎶 Bike Beats: Ramping Up Sounds
✮Roaring Bike Engines
✮Screeching Tires
✮Airborne Whirls
✮Wind Whistle
✮Exciting Boost
✮Soaring Jumps
✮Victory Cheers

Blaze Through Ramps, Take A Ride Of Life With Our Fiery Bikes Collections:

✅ Cruise the COBRA-1310
✅ Unleash the power of HYPER-1120
✅ Race with the style of YUKI-ZX-970
✅ Conquer trails with LUCA-R-70
✅ Feel the speed of RDG-1780
✅ Dominate the tracks with DUAL-R-750
✅ Unlock and ride the best bikes in the game!
Acquire these bikes or unlock 🔓 through the excitement of watching ads.

===** Disclaimer **===
This bike game has signature bikes and lavishing store items, unlocking them by playing, purchasing, or watching ads. Play offline, and remove ads with a small purchase. Ads fund our team to meet the expense and to keep the thrill alive!😊

🔥 Stunt On! No internet is needed. Download this addictive Bike Stunt Game & PLAY NOW!!


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