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Bou's Revenge


Take Care of Bou, a seemingly innocent pet, but beware it's acting weird lately.

App NameBou's Revenge
Download Size74 MB
Latest Version1.1.6
Average Rating4.02
Rating Count2,137
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Screenshot Bou's Revenge
Screenshot Bou's Revenge
Screenshot Bou's Revenge
Screenshot Bou's Revenge
Bou is a 3D horror game inspired by a famous mobile game. It starts with you taking care of Bou, but then things start to get weird...

What begins innocently soon descends into a creepy, unsettling series of events that challenge players' expectations.

Players start by taking care of their pet, Bou—feeding, cleaning, and playing with it. However, things quickly take a dark turn as unexpected and unsettling events unfold. The player must solve puzzles to escape the house.

This game was originally made for an online video on my channel. It blew up on the internet, and everyone requested a mobile version. So here it is! :)

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