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Protect the body from these germs!

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Screenshot Germs Mayhem
Screenshot Germs Mayhem
Screenshot Germs Mayhem
Have you ever wondered what's happening in your body when you're sick? Well, in this FPS Game you'll play as the white blood cell which'll fight dangerous and mutated viruses and germs! Compete in the Leaderboards and try to get the Highest Score and be the Strongest White Cell in the WORLD!

Four Different and Unique Weapons that could be obtained from planting DNA's in a Weapons Organ thing, and fight 3 types and over 4 variations of germs!

I made this game in Score Space Jam which was my first game jam, after the jam finished I redesigned the game and fixed bugs, so now the game is much better!

Created by RUDY
3d models: Lawand
Music: LilinaMusic

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