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Funny Screw

by Happy Hideout

Fun screws and iron plates

App NameFunny Screw
DeveloperHappy Hideout
Download Size73 MB
Latest Version1.0.3
Average Rating4.94
Rating Count3,350
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Screenshot Funny Screw
Screenshot Funny Screw
Screenshot Funny Screw
Screenshot Funny Screw
On an ordinary wooden board, there are iron plates and screws to fix them. Move the screws to other holes and make all the iron plates fall off to pass the level successfully. Please pay attention to the order of moving the screws, which is very important. In particular, be careful not to let the shaking iron plates cover the holes, which is not a good way to pass the level.

Recent changes:
1 Reduce the difficulty of simple levels
2 Modify a bug that may cause the level to fail to complete normally
3 Optimize the homepage icon information to make its function clearer

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