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Little Panda Policeman

by BabyBus

Get to know what is like to be a police officer!

App NameLittle Panda Policeman
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Screenshot Little Panda Policeman
Screenshot Little Panda Policeman
Screenshot Little Panda Policeman
Screenshot Little Panda Policeman
Hi, do you want to experience the work of a police officer? Then join Officer Kiki in Little Panda's Policeman and help him solve all kinds of cases in the busy police station!

Do you know that there are different types of police officers? They include criminal police, special police, traffic police and more! Different police officers have different jobs. Want to try them all? Of course, you can! Let's start with the criminal police!

Check out the various equipment in the dressing room! There are police uniforms, helmets, handcuffs, walkie-talkies and so on. With professional equipment, you will become a cool police officer. You can also choose from a variety of cool police cars to drive. Get in your police car and head to the case scene!

You are going to solve all kinds of cases such as bank robbery, child trafficking, radish theft, bunny trapped and more. Use your wits and courage to gather evidence, search for clues and catch fugitives!

After handling the cases, Officer Kiki will give some tips. You will learn a lot of safety tips by judging whether the kids in the video are doing the right thing or not! Don't forget to apply these tips to your life!

Brinng! Another case has come up! Come on, little officer, let's handle more cases!

- Simulate a real police station environment;
- Play as an excellent policeman;
- Professional equipment and cool police cars;
- 16 emergency cases await your handling;
- Find clues and chase criminals;
- Train your skills and boost your courage;
- Use your wits to solve cases;
- Watch police officer tips and learn safety knowledge!

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Recent changes:
Unlock the new police car skin for a new driving experience! This block police car not only has a unique appearance but also has an exclusive horn sound and acceleration effect! Drive your new police car to solve cases like robberies, abductions, thefts, and more to protect the town!

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