Little Panda's Chinese Recipes
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Little Panda's Chinese Recipes

by BabyBus

Explore Chinese recipes and cook delicious dishes!

App NameLittle Panda's Chinese Recipes
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Screenshot Little Panda's Chinese Recipes
Screenshot Little Panda's Chinese Recipes
Screenshot Little Panda's Chinese Recipes
Screenshot Little Panda's Chinese Recipes
Welcome to Baby Panda's Chinese Recipes! This is a cooking game about Chinese cuisine where you can cook various Chinese dishes according to the recipes, and become a good Chinese food chef as you explore and learn! Are you ready? Let's start cooking!

You will find 11 kinds of Chinese food in this cooking game. Apart from staples like noodles and steamed buns, there are also specialties such as Peking duck and Mapo tofu. Now, festive food like sweet rice dumplings and Zongzi are also available for you to explore and cook!

In this cooking game, you are provided with a detailed recipe for each dish. Following Baby Panda's cooking tips, you can chop, fry, deep-fry and cook delicious Chinese dishes with just a few moves of your finger! Come and try it out!

Customers will give you surprising responses! It could be their happy face when they eat something delicious, or their fire-breathing mouth when they eat something spicy! Watch their reactions, find out what they like, and cook more dishes that they like!

In this cooking game, you can not only learn about Chinese recipes, but also gain knowledge about traditional Chinese food! Join us and discover Chinese recipes now!

- Various recipes: 11 special Chinese dishes, such as dumplings and noodles;
- Diverse ingredients: 30+ ingredients, such as apples, mushrooms and lobsters;
- 6 ways of cooking: frying, boiling, stir-frying, instant boiling and more;
- Kid-friendly designs: simple operation and step-by step instructions;
- Customized food: make different flavors based on customers' preferences;
- Support offline play: play offline anytime and anywhere!

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