Ocean Raft Survival Simulator
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Ocean Raft Survival Simulator

by Ocean Raft Survival Game Studio

Explore the survival island, hunting for sharks, build a craft,try to stay alive

App NameOcean Raft Survival Simulator
DeveloperOcean Raft Survival Game Studio
Download Size112 MB
Latest Version1.06
Average Rating3.50
Rating Count93
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Screenshot Ocean Raft Survival Simulator
Screenshot Ocean Raft Survival Simulator
Screenshot Ocean Raft Survival Simulator
Screenshot Ocean Raft Survival Simulator
In Ocean Raft Survival Simulator game, you can imagine that you are only one person is survived after catastrophic crash in ocean! You found yourself all alone on the small raft wandering in the ocean. There are no signs of earth nearby. You see all kinds of debris passing by that made you realize that you are the only survivor of ship crash! Now you need to fight and struggle for your life if you want to survive! The angry and hungry shark is always near your raft, waiting for you to fall down so you gotta be careful! Gather resources from the water to craft equipment and instruments, find food and drinkable water to stay alive and expand your raft to create more comfortable place to live in!

Explore this survival island full of mysterious places such as sunken pirate ship and caves full of treasures! Salvage survival tools and weapons that may help you to explore the island! Hunt wild animals to make it your next meal, find weapons to protect yourself from predators, quarry resources and craft useful tools using special workshops. Use your survival skills to stay alive, avoid battling against furious island predators and discover the secrets of Ocean Island with amazing survival simulator in 3D! Hunt, fish or gather plant food to stay alive, build shelters to hide from predator and enjoy peaceful life on a desert island with Ocean Island Survival 3D game!

Are your ready for ultimate survival experience? Control your character with a joystick, move around the island or swim in the ocean to find treasures, weapons and tools that would help you to survive! Be accurate, tropical jungles are full of predators and other wild animals ready to attack! Find or craft weapons such as guns, bows or hammers to battle for your life against animals! Dive into the atmosphere of realistic desert island and explore wilderness! Use your exploration, battling and survival skills to stay alive with Ocean Island Survival simulator in 3D!

Try to catch barrels, leaves, wood and other staff standing lonely on a raft! Beautiful ocean, wind, waves what else is needed? Yes anything. So throw your hook and try to catch staff!

Ocean Raft Survival Simulator Features:

- Ultimate island survival simulator in 3D

- Amazing crafting system – craft weapons, tools and even furniture for your shelter

- Huge pirate island to explore – wild predators to hunt, sunken ships full of treasures, plant food to gather and more

- Health, energy and fullness indicators for your survivor

- Swim, hunt, battle and explore - do anything you want to stay alive!

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