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Enjoy offline car race game, experience multiplayer and non stop racing thrills.

App NameReal Car Racing: Car Game 3D
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Latest Version13.3.8
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Screenshot Real Car Racing: Car Game 3D
Screenshot Real Car Racing: Car Game 3D
Screenshot Real Car Racing: Car Game 3D
Screenshot Real Car Racing: Car Game 3D
Beyond the Finish Line, Behind the Wheel: We Don't Set Records; We Shatter Them.

Do you dream of racing around the world in a car? Real Car Race 3D offers you the chance to try high-speed races with various cars and tracks in stunning environments.

Compete against skilled opponents, take on thrilling challenges, and dive into arcade racing events to prove your skills and earn exclusive rewards. Prepare your car for the ultimate race and show off your car driving expertise. Whether you're race master or new to the game, get ready for the real car racing adventure!

🏁Race with Luxury Cars

We've tried to make your car racing game experience even better with a diverse fleet of 8 luxury cars from top manufacturers. Each one offers a thrilling ride, giving you a new and exciting adventure every time!

Modify your vehicle into a reflection of your unique style and personality with different customizing options.
🔷Upgrade car engine, speed, handling & breaks for city racing.
🔷Choose the perfect paint from 12 colors to make the car special.
🔷10 unique rim styles to enhance your car's appearance.
🔷Modify the car's suspension and camber settings to optimize its handling, grip, and stability.

🏁Explore Game Modes

Traffic Rush: Don't get stuck in city traffic! Take control of the road and feel the rush of victory as you speed towards your destination.

Challenges: Take on 30 thrilling car racing challenges. Can you beat them all and become the ultimate champion of this car game?

Time Trial: Race against time, hit every checkpoint, and keep the thrill alive as you continue your high-speed journey on the track.

Stylized Racing: Beat not only the traffic but the rival cars also vying for victory and claim the top spot in multiplayer car races.

Police Chase: Feel the excitement of being chased by police in high-speed car racing as speed-checking cameras are placed on the roads. Dodge the cops and escape to become the best getaway driver!

🏁Thrilling & Exciting Features

Camera Angles: 3 camera views for a fast traffic racing fun.

Environments: Enjoy each mode with multiple environments like Highway, Desert, Jungle, and Countryside.

Weather: Experience different weather like rain, snow, cool breeze, day & night scenes.

Thrilling Tracks: Race through stunning landscapes featuring captivating tunnels, majestic bridges, and towering mountains, which add an extra layer of excitement to your tracks car game 3d.

Traffic: Multiple traffic vehicles like Trains, Bus, Truck, Future Cars, and Police cars.

Game Settings: Optimize gameplay settings according to your choice
Difficulty: You can modify the difficulty level based on your skills, whether you are a beginner, advanced, or a pro.
Graphics: To achieve a more realistic gaming experience of car racing games 3d offline, choose different graphic levels such as Low, Medium, or High.
Volume: You have the option to adjust the sound effects and car game music settings.
Control: Set game control on buttons or tilt as you feel easy in drag race.

📢Tips for you
🔷Use the booster wisely to increase your speed and achieve a higher score.
🔷Avoid to collide in car games - Opponents will lead on you
🔷Make close overtakes to get a bonus and cash prize.
🔷Unlock free fuel cards to keep alive in races.

Daily Rewards: Claim gifts daily for bigger rewards and unlock new cars and modes.

So, what are you waiting for? Don't hesitate! Real Car Race 3D Game awaits – can you handle the speed?

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Recent changes:
🏎 Dive into a more realistic world
🏎 Encounter thrilling police chases 🚓🚓
🏎 Enjoy more realistic, unique engine sounds ♨️💥
🏎 Faster, smoother and optimized gameplay 💯
🏎 Bug fixing in night modes 🚘🚘
So, Lets start your Engine!

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