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Engaging Gameplay: Immerse yourself in the engaging gameplay of Screw Puzzle

App NameScrew Tricky Puzzle-Pin Master
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Latest Version1.10.2
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Screenshot Screw Tricky Puzzle-Pin Master
Screenshot Screw Tricky Puzzle-Pin Master
Screenshot Screw Tricky Puzzle-Pin Master
Screenshot Screw Tricky Puzzle-Pin Master
Are you ready to put your puzzle solving skills to the test? Come and play Screw Master: Pin Puzzle, solve screw holes on various products and make metal plates fall off 😃🔓🧩🎮.

A challenging puzzle game😃🎮

Immerse yourself in complex puzzles composed of twisted pieces of iron and plates, expertly unscrewing bolts like an experienced craftsman, decorated with fragments of discarded screws and rings, presenting an epic and intricate puzzle Odyssey, embark on a journey through carefully sculpted levels, untie knots in ropes, release iron parts, and delve deeper into the intricate yet rewarding puzzle world of Nuts & Bolts.

Art and Advanced levels showcase metallic masterpieces made from the sheets of metal themselves, which you'll use a hacksaw to cut away to reveal more creatively crafted screws.

Game Features 🧩:
Engaging Gameplay: A combination of screw puzzle and physics puzzle. Each level brings new changes and requires you to continuously grow your skills. Get ready to tackle increasingly complex puzzles, with each level offering a new challenge. 🎮💪

Creative puzzles: A large number of well-designed puzzles, from intricate patterns to cleverly placed obstacles, each level is as wonderful as a metal art creation that will surely attract you. 🔍🤔

Unlocking Tips: 🗝️You have to analyze the puzzle carefully and determine the correct order to loosen the pins. A wrong decision may lead to game failure, and the order of unlocking is key. ⏫🔐🔄

How to play 🎮:

1. Unlock all the screws and unscrew all the pins on the puzzle board by determining the correct unlocking sequence. The pins need to be unscrewed in a specific order to successfully complete the puzzle. 🧩🔓🎯

2. Pay close attention to the patterns and obstacles that appear in each level, unscrew the pins, and execute them strategically. 🔄🔓👆

3. As the game progresses, you will find that the game becomes more and more difficult. These may include locked pins, limited movement, or complex patterns. 🚧🧠🔐

4. If you can't find the clue, please use the hint system. Use hints wisely to improve your skills and solve the most difficult puzzles, helping you determine the correct unlocking sequence and progress, and it will provide you with valuable guidance. 🔍💡🧠❓

Are you ready for the ultimate screw puzzle adventure? The game features intuitive controls that are easy to pick up, easy to learn, and challenging to master. It takes the most determined and skilled players to conquer the later stages of the game. ⏫😅🚀

Download Screw Puzzle now, solve intricate puzzles, unlock beautiful levels, share the game with your family or friends, and become a master of Screw Puzzle! Enjoy countless hours of excitement with this addictive puzzle challenge game and get ready to take on challenges like never before. have fun! 🧠😃🔓🧩

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